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Sunday, 23 November 2014
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A brief history

Chater Homes is a family business. John Chater, the founder, dug and concreted the footings for his first development in 1958. He was the personality that became the firm. He got his hands dirty, he built houses specifically to the purchaser’s requirements.

John Chater’s work was that of a Master Builder. He knew his craft, and his commitment attracted loyalty from those he worked with, whether they were bricklayers or bank managers.

Today, the business is managed by his sons Ian and Guy Chater. With a passion for quality housing developed whilst running his own building company, it is not difficult to see where Ian learnt his principles. You will often find him on site, working, talking to the men doing the building and discussing details with homebuyers. Guy meanwhile is the company's go-to man for identifying and appraising the company's future projects. Today the family business is extending to its third generation as Sam, Ian's son, in turn acquires the skills that his father acquired a generation ago.


For fifty years Chater Homes has enjoyed a reputation as a house builder of quality. The homes are as beautiful as they are robust, efficient and practical. There is creativity, originality, tradition and style, yet the properties rest on a solid foundation of durable materials and craftsmanship.

In these increasingly environmentally aware times, a key word is sustainability. The goal is to lessen the impact humans have on their ecological systems; but is it achievable? If developments are well designed and maintained communities last. When services and amenities are kept close to and integrated into a development it protects the local environment. Using local labour and building for local needs is very ecologically sound. Also the location and position of housing is vital and they shouldn’t be isolated or too dense. All principles Chater Homes build into their developments.